Plugs directly onto the Raspberry PI
Connects to the Raspberry Pi using a ribbon cable.
Rubber pad for extra support.
pdf file
Check your parts.

If you ordered the external you will not have the 26 pin black connector that is right above the PC board. Instead you will have a ribbon cable.
Install and solder the 26 pin connector on the bottom of the board. Solder it from the top side of the board.

If you have the external version DO NOT INSTALL CONNECTOR. You will install pins after all other parts have been installed.
Install two sockets. Notice the notch at the bottom. Install as shown.

Install one resistor.

Solder sockets and resistor.
Install the two capacitors.
Solder them from the back.

Did you notice what disappeared ? Yes I forgot the resistor in this photo.
Install the pins a few at a time. Use tape to hold them in place. Solder one pin and then remove tape. Straiten pins and then continue soldering.

You need
7 sets of 8 pins
4 sets of 2 pins
1 set of 3 pins

If you are using it as an external board you can install two rows of 13 pins at the top of the board. You then can use a ribbon cable to connect it to your Pi.

Now you are almost done. Install the two IC's and one jumper as shown.

Notice the notch on the two IC's at the bottom of the picture. They must be installed with the correct orientation.